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What if you had proven
STEPS to Achieving your goals?

Imagine the life you would love to live.

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To get new results you have to start with New Mindset.


Get Marta Macy support
Mindset Coach &
Minds.Coach Founder

Originally from Poland. Born with a natural passion to help people. Trained in personal and professional development by the best international coaches.

Certified Coach & Mentor with 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur in international sales, branding strategy, opening new markets, and business consulting.

Certified also in Psychology (by Yale), Global Marketing Strategy, Digital Branding, Contracts, Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations, Sales and Leadership, Negotiations (by M.I.T).

Become confident,,focused & motivated
to reach your dreams!

How the Mindset Change process looks like?



identify and clear your limiting beliefs, things which hold you back

 recogine fears types and learn the way to overcome them

 become more self-aware and understand self-sabotage triggers 

 delete bad habits to implement new better habits into your life or business 

Get the New Mindset in 12 weeks.
Make a change to create the life you desire!

Book Mindset Change Plan
Booking a Meeting

Book 12 weeks of Mindset Coach support.

✓ 3 steps Mindset Change process


1-hour online session weekly


 appointment online booking

workbooks with powerful exercises

e-mail support in between sessions

 sessions available in English or Polish

 money warranty back after 1st session

Payment options:

Flexible Payment: 367€ monthy where required are three payments to finish the program


One-time Payment: 997€ where required is only one payment to finish the program 

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