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change your money mindset

Join our Money Mindset MasterClasses ONLINE!

Wondering why you don't earn more money?
Why can't you just cross certain numbers?

Well ... If you don’t have the right money mindset you will
subconsciously sabotage yourself - your work, career or growth. 

Would you like to know how to
change it

Money Mindset MasterClasses are for you!

Join us
28th April at 19:00 (CET) ONLINE!

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Presented by Marta Macy 
Mindset Coach
Minds.Coach Founder

Originally from Poland. Born with a natural passion to help people. Trained in personal and professional development by the best international coaches.

Certified Coach & Mentor with 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur in international sales, branding strategy, opening new markets, and business consulting.

Reprogram your money mindset to earn more!

Our Mindset Coach Marta Macy, who has 16 years experience in business and spent thousands of euros to be trained by the best mentors in the world, will guide you on how to change your money mindset to earn more.


After MasterClasses you will be more self-confident, you will get full clarity on what you want and you will know the next steps to your financial success.


During 2h+ training Minds Coach will help you "reprogram” your mindset to stop what holds you back from earning more money. You will discover techniques to “trick” your mind and achieve your dreams easier.


The MasterClasses are a great place to learn the process. You will experience powerful exercises that can change your life.

MasterClasses structure:

Module 1: What is the mindset and how it's connected with money?

Module 2: 4 reasons why you don't earn more money right now.

Module 3: How much are you REALLY worth?

Module 4: Reprogram your subconscious mind on achieving your dreams.

Module 5: Set up your new financial goals.

Module 6: Overcome the obstacles that hold you back.


You will also get a BONUS workbook to fill up during the MasterClasses.

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REprogram yourself to earn more!

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Get Your Virtual Pass 
Money Mindset MasterClasses Online

 2-hours training in English


All online!

 6 modules MasterClasses


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