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My short story

Here is my short story about why the mindset matters.

Note: I come from Poland and English is not my native language.

2001, that was my last year of high-school, a few months before the final exams. English classes just started. I wasn’t prepared at all. My thoughts were in a totally different place at that time and I was hoping to disappear from my teacher's radar. Unfortunately, she reached me very fast. Probably because of my rock style look which wasn’t easy to hide. I didn’t match my class at all. I looked “different”. She didn’t like it and she found a way to break me…

I always had issues with some words. I just couldn’t say them correctly without a lot of practice. Doesn’t matter if that was Polish or English. One of the problematic words was “through”. Sounds easy? Well, it wasn't easy for me to say at the time. That day my English teacher told me to stand up and speak to the class on one topic from the workbook. When I got to the “through” word my tongue just twisted like a spiral. I couldn’t say it. She said.. repeat again, again, again… that took like forever. I did my best but nothing helped. I had to look like totally stupid person in from of my friends. Finally, I did it. I felt such a release and smiled like I won an Oscar award. So, I expected some warm appreciation but instead I heard something totally different. She said that my English is so bad that I will never speak this language and I shouldn’t waste time on it. Wow!

I wasn’t aware that this situation will have such a big impact on my future life. Her words subconsciously touched me so deeply that I stopped learning English. I didn’t even want to speak English to not make more mistakes. That fear appeared in my mind and stuck for years. That was my mental block which stopped me from achieving my dreams.

Later, I started to work with a coach. He found and cleared this limiting belief (the belief that I can’t and I will not speak English). That was the best thing which happened to me. Because of that, I don’t just only speak English, I write, create videos, organize events and speak in public in that language. That changed my life. I not only became a mindset coach but I can help people internationally.

Do I make errors in English - o yeah! Does it stop me - hell no!

Nobody is perfect!

If you feel that something blocks you in life from achieving your dreams, I am here to support you.