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The BELIEF in "the one love"


Many people live with the BELIEF that they can love only once and they have to find “the one” to become truly happy. The problem appears in the moment they fall in love, something goes wrong and the relationship ends. They can’t accept the fact that they lost “love of their life”, they can’t function normally, they struggle with that every day or even don’t have a will to live anymore 💔

Why does that happen? Why is that lost very often compared to somebody’s death?

Each person has their own needs ... that can be security, freedom, feeling loved etc. If they get it in a relationship they don’t see that the same needs can be “covered” from different places or people too. If your relationship ended and it’s hard for you to move forward ... Remember, besides that we have like millions of possible partner “matches” even more important is ❤️ SELF-LOVE. The love you give yourself.

That love not only allows you to become free from emotional attachment to the wrong person, heal yourself after a breakup but also creates life you deserve. When you love yourself enough you will not hurt yourself by negative emotions or events. You are aware of what you want and if that serves you.